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Freshtel is an all-Australian Company thatís revolutionising our telecommunications industry by bringing the awesome power of the internet to your phone calls.

Your new Freshtel FT102 just plugs into your computer itís that simple and you donít need one of those old-style headsets.

All you need to do is download a brilliant program called Firefly. Itís completely free and takes just a few minutes and itís easy because youíre guided every step of the way.

First, you choose your new Firefly number make it something thatís easy to remember.
Second, Download the Firefly program.
Third, install Firefly and start calling.

Then itíll be free when you use your Freshtel phone to ring anyone else on Firefly. Absolutely free anywhere in the world - calling Firefly to Firefly is Free! So, as soon as you get on Freshtel, tell your friends. Using Freshtel to call a normal phone will also save you a fortune. There are no contracts or minimum spend required.

  • Anywhere in Australia or New Zealand costs only 6.9 cents a minute!
  • Canada and the USA are the same!
  • As are the UK, Ireland, France, Italy and Germany Ė all less than 7 cents a minute!
  • Greece is under 9 cents per minute.
  • China and Japan are less than 10 cents per minute!

Best of all there are no flag-fall or connection fees.

So, at those astoundingly low Freshtel prices, you can talk for 10 minutes and not even spend one dollar!

The qualityís excellent although a slower net connection can have an effect.

With Freshtel, you can call mobile phones worldwide as well. The charges vary, naturally, but Freshtel is still incredible value. Since Freshtel charges by the second, you only pay for how long you talk. If the call is unanswered, you donít pay anything at all plus Freshtel customers receive a free voicemail service as well.

Freshtel is fresh and new and theyíre getting better every day.

Right now, you can get your new Freshtel phone for only $129. Which includes a $10.00 bonus account so you can ring standard & mobile phones.



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