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Imation Disc Stakka
Imation Disc Stakka

Imation Disc Stakka

Imation Disc Stakka

An Imation Disc Stakka is an automated carousel that stores and protects all your 12 centimetre discs, including data CDs, DVDs, music and game discs. And will locate and retrieve any disc in seconds thanks to the bundled OpdiTracker software.

The Disc Stakka works with both Macs and PCs. Each one holds up to 100 CDs and connects to your computer with a single USB for both power and data and itís just as simple to use.

You just insert a disc into the computer CD drive. OpdiTracker scans it, and then captures the disc content. Then simply insert that disc into the Disc Stakka unit, hit enter and it is fully catalogued and stored.

You can even put other discs like game console discs or DVDs straight into Disc Stakka and the Opditracker software will immediately ask you for its name and details.

Disk Stakka is easy and instinctive to use and so efficient at finding the file or disc you need! Itís just like browsing with Mac Finder or Windows Explorer.

Each Disc Stakka stores and delivers up to 100 discs but itís very simple to stack more and create a tower of up to 500 disks.

Even with 500 discs, it takes no longer to find and select the exact one you want.

The fully motorised disc insert and eject helps protect your valuable discs.
Disc Stakka also has a password option so you can control kids access, or maintain privacy in a shared household.

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