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Osmocote Miracle Gro
Osmocote Miracle Gro

Osmocote Miracle Gro

Osmocote Miracle Gro

Miracle-Gro Plant Food is the world’s number one water-soluble plant food and a market leader in Australia. Miracle-Gro dissolves instantly in water and with its innovative wetting agents the nutrients are delivered to the plants more quickly and more efficiently than other types of plant foods.

Miracle-Gro’s secret lies in its unique ratio of major nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and potash. Miracle-Gro contains a high ration of phosphorus for bloom and fruit development. Miracle-Gro’s full blend of trace elements include iron, copper and manganese in chelated form for sure availability to the plants. Boron and molybdenum are included in minute amounts. Unfortunately all those necessary trace minerals are often deficient in Australian soil.

So the only way to be sure your plants will get enough of them, is by providing them yourself. It’s great to know that almost as soon as you apply Miracle-Gro, you’re feeding your plants. Uni trials have shown that in as little as thirty seconds, the nutrients in Miracle-Gro have reached the outer leaves of a five foot rose bush, beginning to stimulate new growth.

With Miracle-Gro you’ve got no worries about burning the plant because you only feed a small amount of plant food in water solution at a time.
If you’re one of the thousands of Aussies who already use and love Miracle-Gro, you might notice the new, attractive packaging.

For the easy way to have a fabulous garden full of bigger, healthier plants and blooms, choose Miracle-Gro Plant Food.

You’ll find Miracle-Gro in Bunnings, Woolworth’s, Big W, Safeway, Coles, K-Mart, Action Qld, Home Hardware, Thrifty Link, Plants Plus nurseries and other fine garden centres.



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