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Samsung Camera Accessories
Samsung Camera Accessories

Samsung Camera Accessories

Samsung Camera Accessories

Itís really easy to take better care of your camera and any other high tech equipment with the protection of Delsey XEO bags.

The fashionable and functional XEO bags not only protect your camera and equipment but do it with colour and style.

They come in all sorts of sizes and design, so thereís at least one thatís perfect for you, your camera and accessories.

All Delsey XEO models share some great features. The interiors are lined with brushed Velex for extra protection of digital camera and PDA monitor screens.
Padded dividers and water resistant materials combine to provide total protection for your equipment.

Clips and rings are black metal-coated stainless steel and the quality of every detail is tested and approved by Delsey's quality control labs.

The XEO D Sixty comfortable on either your shoulder or attached to your belt. Itís big enough for a video camera with small pockets for batteries, memory cards and odds and ends.

The XEO P Ninety can easily hold an SLR with a big lens attached and the velcro gives you instant, easy access.

Superior support makes carrying easy and clever design keeps your back cool. Plus itís easy to attach a few extras like a tripod.

Inca tripodís are top quality, sturdy yet light to carry. Inca has a tripod for every situation. They can fold down to just 53 centimetres and expand to a huge 1.65 metres.

Inca can improve any shot with a 3-way pan and tilt head plus quick release.

Available at all Fletchers Photographic Stores Nationwide.



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