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Optus Broadband

Optus has long been the preferred choice for many very satisfied customers.

Now Aussies all over the country are upgrading to OptusNet Broadband to experience the incredible speed, convenience and value – the way that the internet is supposed to be.

Optus Broadband

Optus Broadband

OptusNet Broadband is FAST!
It’s incredible but true the speed and convenience of OptusNet Broadband starts at just $29.95 a month. For just a month, you can double your speed and double your download limit!

As all OptusNet Broadband plans have fixed monthly rates, so even if you exceed your monthly download limit, there’s no nasty surprise on your bill – and that’s good to know.

You’ll be able to be online and be on the phone simultaneously, so you’ll never miss an important phone call – and you’ll never get knocked off the net when a call comes in. You’ll never have to pay for a phone call every time you connect and reconnect. OptusNet Broadband is fantastic.

You’ll really start enjoying the benefits when you bundle! In fact, you could get up to 4 months of Optus Broadband access FREE! Just bundle Optus Net Broadband with both your Optus home phone and a selected mobile plan and you’ll receive 4 months broadband free every year.

You can choose to bundle 2 Optus products together combining your broadband and home phone or broadband with a selected mobile plan and receive 3 months broadband access free every year.

With Optus, when you choose to bundle you’ll save a bundle and get up to 4 months OptusNet Broadband free.



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