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UHU Glue
UHU Glue

UHU Glue

UHU Glue

Aussies have long known and trusted Uhu glue, the distinctive yellow is instantly recognisable and seen everywhere from kindergartens to corporations. Now Uhu has invented Twist and Glue, a brilliant new design that makes it even easier to apply the strong, clear Uhu adhesive wherever and however you need it.

When you take off the cap, there’s this thin tube, designed for applying drops of glue. But when you twist, you instantly have an applicator that will spread the glue out in thin lines or wide bands, depending on the job.

Uhu Twist & Glue is so versatile it’s like 3 glues in one. For something like a bathroom tile, you just need a few drops of Uhu one in each corner and one in the middle.

It has all the strength of contact glue with the ease and convenience of a stick. With Uhu Power Stic, you dial up how much you want and lower it away when you’re finished.

Whatever the job you want to do – or you’ve been told to do – you’ll find Uhu Twist & Glue or the Uhu Power Stic more than up to the task.

Uhu can stick and hold almost anything together - paper, cardboard, wood, felt, fabrics, leather and cork in combination with metal, ceramics, glass and many plastics.

At home, in the office, in the car or the boat you should keep Uhu handy anywhere and everywhere.

In fact, when you’ve got Uhu Twist & Glue or Power Stic around, you probably won’t have lists of things that need repairing.

Uhu’s so quick and simple to use, as soon as something breaks, you can fix it.

You can find Uhu products anywhere around the country. Just look for the familiar yellow packaging when you’re out shopping and take home some Uhu because you know you’re going to need it.



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