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New Era in Photography
New Era in Photography

New Era in Photography

New Era in Photography

Over the years, photography has certainly changed, digital technology and phone cameras in particular have caused a cultural revolution! More happy snaps than ever are being taken. Taken they may be, but kept, well thatís another thing! The photo album could become a rarity.

And the tradition of preserving our memories in photos for ourselves Ė and future generations Ė to enjoy is under threat from technology. Digital cameras are taking over. Fewer people are buying film cameras or film.

But with all those millions of digital cameras and millions upon millions of digital shots, where are all the photographs? The vast majority of digital shots are ephemeral.

Unless they are printed they may never be found again. So in a decade or two, the family album may be a thing of the past. The pictorial link from generation to generation could be lost.

Storing photos on a hard disk runs the risk of losing them all in a crash. Or they could be lost when you update to a new computer.

Digital cameras are here to stay but donít throw away family traditions just because something high-tech has come along.

Do yourself a favour and print the photos you value and put them in an album, so they can be savoured for generations to come.



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