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Tyres 4 U – GT Radial Tyres
Tyres 4 U – GT Radial Tyres

Tyres 4 U – GT Radial Tyres

Tyres 4 U – GT Radial Tyres

Tyres 4 U – GT Radial Tyres

GT Radial tyres are world class. Known to many as the Supreme brand and established world wide as one of the leading tyre brands, GT Radial offers the very best in cutting edge technology.

GT Radial tyres are high quality and are specifically constructed to the highly critical standards of today’s car manufacturers. GT Radial has a quality and performance pedigree that very few brands can match, which is why they may be even better than the original tyres that came on your car or 4 wheel drive.

GT Radial tyres are the result of constant research and development by tyre engineers with extensive experience. GT Radial Tyres are the only tyres sold in Australia with a free lifetime replacement guarantee against any manufacturing defects. No ‘ifs’, no ‘buts’.

So when it’s time for you to make this most important decision, choose the tyres that are streets ahead of other tyres in the same price bracket.
GT Radial tyres' greatest attraction is their cost, selling in the mid-price bracket. They not only out-perform other brands in that same price category, but also are superior to a number of the more expensive brands. There’s a GT Radial tyre to suit just about any vehicle. From high-performance, touring cars, four-wheel drives to vans and light trucks.

GT Radial has it all covered. All tyres feature advanced and sophisticated tread patterns designed for superior performance and the most comfortable ride.

GT Radials have been tested and developed to ‘perform’ their job exceedingly well. That’s why they are sold in over 80 countries and have achieved international quality certification.

So if you’re looking for superior performance at an affordable price, you can’t go past the fantastic value from GT Radial tyres.
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