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Click Instant Track Lighting
Click Instant Lighting

Click Instant Lighting

Click Instant Lighting

Click Instant Lighting

This exciting and innovative instant track lighting system is a world first and has been brought to Australia by Click. You can easily install it yourself within about 15 minutes. All you need is a pair of scissors; everything else comes in the kit. First you choose where you want your space lit. Then carefully measure out and cut the track with scissors. You only get one go at cutting the track, so measure twice and cut once.

On the back of the track is an adhesive strip. Simply peel the paper backing off and apply the track to the wall. Then simply clip the lights into place. Plug the transformer into the wall outlet and switch it on!

The Click Instant Track Lighting system uses these powerful 20-watt, 12-volt halogen globes, which donít use much power, but give off brilliant bright light. The track can be painted to match your wall and you can even cover it up with wallpaper or other finishes. Best of all you donít need an electrician, itís quick and instant - all you need is a power point.

You can install it on all sorts of surfaces like plasterboard, MDF, brick, wallpaper and metal trim, even wood, and if you change your mind, with care the track can be completely removed from surfaces without damage using dental floss. The Click Instant track lighting system will give you terrific instant lighting for all hard to light spaces.

The Click Instant Track Lighting is easy on your pocket too. Imagine the cost and inconvenience to get all those areas wired by an electrician. The Click Instant Track Lighting system is available in 3 or 5 light kits.

Plus itís backed by a full two-year warranty, itís quick and instant and you can apply it almost anywhere.

The Click Instant Track Lighting is set to revolutionize the way we think about lights!




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