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Horwitz Cuttings
Horwitz Cuttings

Horwitz Cuttings

Horwitz Cuttings

Horwitz Cuttings

Most plants you might want to grow can be propagated free from cuttings. If you bought the same plant, chances are it was produced from a cutting so why not do it yourself and save heaps of money. This is how easy it is to do....

  • Take cuttings from the tips of non-flowering stems.
  • Make the cutting about 10cm long, cutting just below a set of leaves.
  • Strip the lower leaves and cut remaining leaves in half crosswise.
  • Dip the cut end into hormone rooting powder or gel. You donít have to do this but it helps.
  • Place the cuttings in pots or punnets full of moist seed raising mix.
  • Cover with clear or translucent plastic held away from the cuttings.
  • Keep moist and when you see new growth the cuttings have taken root.
  • Gently dig up each rooted cutting and pot into its own small pot.
  • Grow them on until big enough to transplant into the garden.

For a more detailed, illustrated guide to taking soft-tip cuttings, get a copy of the May 2005 edition of Gardens & Outdoor Living magazine from newsagents or supermarkets.



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