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3M Pack It, Mail It, Move It, Store It
3M Pack It, Mail It, Move It, Store It

3M Pack It, Mail It, Move It, Store It

3M Pack It, Mail It, Move It, Store It

3M Pack It, Mail It, Move It, Store It

Whether you want to pack, mail, move or store your personal items, merchandise or documents, Scotch have a solution for all your needs. Not only are all the fantastic products from scotch great value, they are easy to use as well.

Scotch have the answers to all your mailing needs from photo, document and smart mailers to mailing boxes. The strong plastic surface will protect against moisture, tampering and tearing and the special coating makes it easy to write on as well.

The mailing boxes are lightweight but super strong and come with already printed handy address labels and are available in a range of sizes to fit just about anything. But if you’re looking for a box to store or move larger items, then have a look at the range of moving and storage boxes and scotch.

If you need to send a care package you can put your mind at ease, because the super thick cardboard in Scotch Goody boxes will keep all your goodies safe.

When it comes to sending valuables and breakables you will need extra packaging protection like Scotch cushion wrap. It comes in 2 handy sizes and is perforated every 12 inches, so you just tear off the amount you need. Or there are Scotch bubble pouches. You just slip the item into the right sized Bubble Pouch and into the box and you can use them again and again.

Another innovative idea from Scotch is the bubble corners for protecting frames or anything with corners. They are easy to use and will pull away just as easily without harming the surface.

Scotch has been manufacturing tapes for 75 years and they make the very best. No matter what tape you need, Scotch have a tape for every need. The amazing range has everything from super strength packaging tapes that won’t tear, split or curl to long lasting storage tapes that will withstand temperatures from sub zero to 65 degrees centigrade.

So next time you need to Pack It, Mail It, Move It or Store It, ask for Scotch at all good retailers and office suppliers.



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