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If youíre looking for true mobile broadband internet that provides anywhere, anytime, then you need iBurst.

iBurst provides secure access to corporate applications, email and the web. So no matter if youíre at home, at work, in a clientís office, even on the ferry or bus, you will always have internet access.

iBurst allows you the full power of the internet by providing true mobility at a similar cost and speed to ADSL and cable. It brings you all the benefits of broadband without the worries of wires. You donít need a phone line, you donít need anything except your computer and iBurst modem.

There are two different types of wireless modems iBurst offers to suit both your work and lifestyle.

The desktop modem can be connected to a single computer or to a network of computers and gives you the advantages of wireless mobility to all the benefits of a fixed broadband connection. You can move between rooms, businesses, homes and even cities.

The laptop modem provides ultimate freedom for people on the go. Just connect your iBurst laptop modem to a notebook to enjoy true mobile broadband access.

The iBurst network provides quality at high speed both inside and outside buildings and across urban and suburban areas of all the major cities. Once the network rollout is completed IBurst will also be available to over 75% of the Australian population and 90% of businesses.

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