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Oomph Glue Remover
Oomph Glue Remover

Oomph Glue Remover

Oomph Glue Remover

Are your kitchen cupboards crammed with dozens of different cleaning products, all claiming to be the best at doing just one specific cleaning job? Now with all-new Oomph Glue Remover you have the all-in-one solution for those really difficult cleaning problems.

Oomph Glue Remover is a powerful citrus based, all-in-one cleaning solution. Itís perfectly safe to use for a wide range of jobs around the house, garden and even in commercial and industrial applications. Oomph Glue Remover is all natural, environmentally safe and fully biodegradable.

The citrus extract in Oomph Glue Remover is non-corrosive and quickly dissolves the adhesive on things like bar codes or stickers.

Itís also a pre-wash stain remover dissolving stubborn grease, oil and lipstick marks. In the bathroom, Oomph Glue Remover makes short work of getting rid of soap scum.

Cleaning up after kids is always a challenge but with powerful Oomph Glue Remover in hand, those messy crayon, tar and wax marks will no longer be a cleaning nightmare.

It has a convenient trigger allowing you to control the spray from stream to spray so thereís no waste.

Itís all natural, but itís tough!



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