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When you think that you take between 10 and 15,000 steps every day itís no wonder your feet hurt.

When we walk on hard unyielding surfaces our arch collapses, thatís called Ďpronationí - the cause of many common complaints like heel spur, arch pain, shin pain, knee pain, hip pain and lower back pain.

The answer is Pedistep the worldís first dual density retail orthotic Ė designed to change the ground you walk on to support and realign the body. Itís all about biomechanics Ė the way the body works. Pedistep supports the heel and the arch by realigning the foot and the softer material in Pedistep promotes comfort when you walk.

Pedistep can easily be washed and the unique Tiabrelle cover is bacteria resistant.

Whatever youíre wearing, thereís a Pedistep thatís perfect.

Pedistep Full Length is designed to replace the inner sole of the cross-trainer or sports style shoe. Itís also great in work boots, industrial footwear and larger designs.

PediStep Two Thirds is for walking shoes and dress shoes.

Pedistep High Heel features a pad to cushion the ball of the foot when youíre wearing heels. Itís a very versatile style that can be simply moved from shoe to shoe for terrific support no matter what youíre doing.

Pedistep has a money back guarantee. Youíll find Pedistep in leading pharmacies and the best shoe stores.




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