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3M Scotchtint
3M Scotchtint

3M Scotchtint

3M Scotchtint

We all know about slip, slop & slap while youíre outside in the sun but you also need to be protected from the sun while youíre driving so you need a top quality window tint.

Scotchtint Black Film can block out 99% of the sunís damaging UV rays and reject up to 39% of solar heat because 3M use Carbon Microparticles which have unique solar absorbing qualities.

When you consider that on a typical summerís day the temperature inside a parked car can be a whopping 30 to 40 degrees hotter than outside you can see why protection for you and your car is essential.

A common problem with ordinary window tinting is the tiny metallic particles in the film which are supposed to reflect light and heat but they also reflect radio and GPS signals, creating interference Ė especially with a window aerial.
With the unique 3M Carbon based window film technology thereís no metal in the mix to muck up your signals.

By employing 3Mís patented carbon technology, Scotchtint Black Film guarantees to keep the true black colour that you bought. Unlike conventional window films which use yellow dye that fade faster than the red and blue dyes, so the tinting ends up turning a horrible purple colour.

When you have 3M Scotchtint Black Film installed by a 3M licensed installer youíll receive a lifetime warranty against bubbles, peeling or blisters.




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