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Hills Garage
Hills Garage

Hills Garage

Hills Garage

Hills Garage

The garage is always the room in the house that gets neglected. Tools donít get put away, bikes, buckets, brooms and even camping gear all get thrown in a corner. Why not give all these items a home and get them up and off the floor by installing Hills Hooks, Hang Ups and Shelving.

Thereís a wide range of hooks available for hanging just about anything. There are ceiling wall hooks perfect for hanging heavy items like ladders or skiís, hooks for hanging extension cords and deep hooks for stacking multiple tools.

The range of Hang Upís allow you to store a variety of items as well. The All Purpose Hang Up is ideal for storing garden hoses and extension cords, the Household Hang Up features six hooks for holding dust pans, brooms and mops, the Long Handled Hang up will neatly organise your long handled tools like rakes and shovels and the Hand Tool Hang Up is great for all your small everyday tools like hammers and tape measures. There is also the Power Blower Hang Up to get your power blower up and off the floor and the Wheelbarrow Hang Up to store your wheelbarrow on the wall allowing you to access valuable floor space.

Hills Maximum Load Garage Organiser is the ultimate tidy-upper. Itís industrial strength and comes with an easy to install kit with all the hardware you need. The shelving can even hold up to 250 kilograms. The shelves are simple to move and you can always add more. The best part is you can keep all those dangerous materials up and off the floor and well out of childrenís reach.

So whether youíre after Hooks, Hang Ups or Shelving to get your garage in order, take at look at the range from Hills. Itís the perfect solution for freeing up your valuable floor space.



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