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Quell - Prevent, Detect, Contain, Escape

We all know the importance of keeping our home and family safe and thatís why every household should be prepared with smoke alarms. Smoke alarms save lives and installing them in your home could mean the difference between life and death.

Quell - Prevent, Detect, Contain, Escape

Quell - Prevent, Detect, Contain, Escape

Quell - Prevent, Detect, Contain, Escape

Quell - Prevent, Detect, Contain, Escape

Just by taking a few simple steps now, you could help your family survive a fire and help prevent a fire from starting in the first place. Losing your home and precious possessions would be a terrible tragedy but to lose a loved one would be much worse.

You need to take preventative measures to ensure everyone will be able to escape the house safely should a fire break out. Every person in your home needs to know two ways out of every room. Every door and window must be easy to open with the keys easy to find if theyíre locked. You must have an escape plan in case your home catches fire and every member of the family has to be familiar with it.

Then youíll need to install smoke alarms. Smoke rises so the quickest way to detect it is up on the ceiling or high on a wall. You need to install at least one on every level and outside bedrooms. Smoke wonít wake you in fact, itíll make your sleep dangerously deep so you need an alarm that will scare you awake.

Quell Smoke Alarms have a hush button that lets you silence it and a test button so you can make sure itís working. Quell also has a Long Life model with long lasting lithium batteries. Most smoke alarms take 9-volt batteries and you should check them once a month. In the dark, smoke and confusion, the Quell Powerful Escape Light model will show you the way to safety.

Quell also has Fire Extinguishers for every situation and location in the kitchen and garage, around your home, in your car or boat, in your workshop and office. Itís best to have a fire extinguisher in every fire hazard area in your home and the best way to achieve that is with a Fire Safety Guide.

The Quell Fire Safety Guide shows you how to draw a plan of your home so your whole family knows how to fight a fire or how to escape. You use symbols to show the location of every smoke detector, every fire extinguisher, every fire blanket and every emergency exit. The Guide also contains Fire Safety Tips, easy to remember procedures and Emergency Numbers. Every level of your working environment should have a Quell Fire Safety Guide as well.

Make sure you protect and keep your home and family safe with Quell. Youíll find Quell Safety Products in these trusted retailers Big W, Bunnings, Coles, Dick Smith, Home Hardwares, IGA, Kmart, Repco, Tandy, The Warehouse, Woolworth and selected independent retailers.



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