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Telechoice Mobile Technology
Telechoice Mobile Technology

Telechoice Mobile Technology

Telechoice Mobile Technology

With technology changing everyday itís so hard to keep up to date but now thereís no need to worry. Thanks to Telechoice, amazing new digital mobile phone technology is now easy to learn and even easier to use. The friendly staff at Telechoice are always more than happy to help.

The Samsung D500 is so much more than just a phone. Itís also a camera that can take both still photos and up to one hour of video. It has outstanding resolution and at 1.3 mega pixels the photos look clean and crisp. The Samsung D500 also has a built in flash and a digital zoom so you can get in very close and personal.

Multi-media Messaging Service (MMS) allows you to send photos to family and friends just as long as they have MMS equipped mobile phones or as an email to anyone online anywhere in the world. Just pop into your nearest Telechoice store and the friendly staff will show you how to use the new Samsung D500 mobile.

Then thereís bluetooth. This amazing piece of technology allows your phone to communicate with other phones and computers without any wires or plugs. You can also transfer video from your phone straight to your blue tooth compatible computer all without wires!

The new Samsung D500 mobile phone is an MP3 player as well. It lets you to transfer your favourite tunes from your PC to your phone so youíll have quality digital music wherever you go. You can also download music from websites using GPRS - another modern marvel that lets you send and receive large files, pictures, video, music, emails and even search the world wide web all through your phone.

Make sure you pop into your nearest Telechoice store and let them help you change your life for the better with easy and amazing mobile phone technology.



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