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Kumho High Performance Tyres




Trust isn’t something you can teach.

It’s something you earn by always being there, always doing the job that’s expected of you. Kumho tyres, for instance – Tyres You Can Trust.

Kumho has successfully developed superior tyres for all vehicles including high performance cars, passenger vehicles, light and heavy trucks, buses, agricultural vehicles – even aircraft.

And Kumho has just become the official tyre supplier for Formula 3 Euro – a brand new and exciting racing series. No other tyre except Kumho is even in the race – not in a Formula 3 Euro race anyway. And that’s because Kumho’s latest generation Ultra High Performance tyres are designed to play hard and fast.

The Kumho Escta range was made with just one thing in mind – absolutely wicked performance. The hi-tech tread faces are back with advanced materials technology and brilliantly innovative design features. And that’s why Kumho Ecsta hang tough where others don’t – whether wet or dry they deliver outstanding performance.

The Kumho Ecsta 711 has highly rigid tread has straight circumferential grooves – all the way around the edge – that provide maximum dry grip and excellent wet weather performance.

With the Kumho Ecsta H P 4, 716. The sidewall styling is a real standout – as is the tread pattern, with an extra wide footprint shape and special tread compounding.

Kuhmo race breeding has produced results.
This is the tyre the NSW Police Service has chosen for its intensive driver-training program – the latest ultra high performance tyre from Kumho, the Ecsta Supra 712.

To find out more about the Ecsta 711, Supra 712 and HP4 716 – or any fabulous Kumho tyre – call Tyremaster on:

because Kumho are tyres you can trust!

Ultra High Performance at not such an Ultra High Price.



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