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3M Scotchbrite Easy Eraser
3M Scotchbrite Easy Eraser

3M Scotchbrite Easy Eraser

3M Scotchbrite Easy Eraser

3M Scotchbrite Easy Eraser

The Scotchbrite Easy Eraser, itís the latest brilliant cleaning idea from 3M Ė a single block that can wipe away stains, grime; even crayons and texta.

3Mís advanced technology means that the Easy Eraser does a fantastic job without using detergents or cleaning chemicals. You just dampen the Easy Eraser with a little water and wipe that stain away.

If the kids want to use your feature wall as their new canvas, Scotchbrite Easy Eraser will restore your walls to original condition with just a few seconds of wiping.

Easy Eraser is not confined to walls. It makes cleaning almost any hard surface quick and easy:

  • Remote controls
  • telephone
  • kitchen appliances
  • toys
  • your computer
  • Your TV screen

Easy Eraser has so many uses, youíll never stop finding them.

The white section is the high-tech cleaning material and the blue backing makes Easy Eraser comfortable to hold.

The white part will get smaller with use, but the handy blue pad means you can keep cleaning right down to the end Ė so thereís no waste at all. Even if the stainís particularly nasty, with Scotchbrite Easy Eraser, you donít need extra chemicals or detergent. Just a little extra elbow grease.

If youíre a renter, Easy Eraser can even help you get your bond back. The Scotchbrite Easy Eraser is another terrific example of 3M technology making your life easier Ė and your home a nicer place to live.

Youíll find Easy Eraser in the cleaning aisle of your favourite supermarket.



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