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Long Life Grout and Tile Cleaner by Pascoes
Long Life Grout and Tile Cleaner

Tile Cleaner

Tile and grout cleaner

Pascoes Long Life Grout and Tile Cleaner

Long Life Grout Cleaner is extremely efficient at removing difficult and long term stains on ceramic tiles, slate, terracotta brick and masonry surfaces.

In the shower, Long Life Grout Cleaner removes lime scale and mould stains. Long Life Grout Cleaner takes care of spills and stains in the kitchen and in heavy traffic areas it will restore and revitalise the grout, so it looks terrific.

Long Life Grout Cleaner comes in 2 sizes to suit your needs. The 250 ml bottle is very handy and the 750 ml bottle is great for bigger jobs on larger areas.

Long Life also has Tile Cleaner which is specifically designed to clean your tiles. You don’t need to rinse and the anti-bacterial formula means a germ free result.

Long Life not only removes dirt, it leaves your tiles with a brilliant shine. Long Life Tile Cleaner comes in various different sizes from 500 ml to 5 litres.

It does a fantastic job on all sorts of wall and floor tiles including ceramic, quarry and sealed terracotta tiles.

Always read and obey the instructions.

You’ll find the distinctive yellow of Pascoe’s extensive range of Long Life products in Bunnings Warehouses, some hardware stores and selected supermarkets.

To find out more about Long Life Grout Cleaner and Tile Cleaner and other Pascoes products, log on to or call 1800 065 326



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