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Quell Fire Extinguishers
Quell Fire Extinguishers

Quell Fire Extinguishers

Quell Fire Extinguishers

Quell Fire Extinguishers

Every home should take precautions against fire. Quell has a Fire Extinguisher for every situation in your home and the entire range carries a full SIX year Warranty.

You should have a Fire Extinguisher to cover each fire hazard area of your home, boat and caravan.

The kitchen and garage extinguisher is designed to take care of fires involving cooking fats and oils, flammable liquids and electrical equipment.

Quells home and vehicle extinguisher is for wood, paper, fabric and carpet as well as liquid and electrical fires.

All Quell Extinguishers work in the same way and share features. The handle, trigger and safety pin are made of steel and the nylon lock prevents accidental discharge. Every Quell Extinguisher comes with a bracket for ease of placement.

Everyone in your home should know how to react when a smoke alarm goes off. The members of your household should have an agreed escape plan and a designated meeting place outside the house.

Take precautions to make sure you donít have to deal with the aftermath of fire.

Look for these Quell products you know you can trust at:

  • Big-W,
  • Bunnings,
  • Coles,
  • Dick Smith,
  • Home Hardware,
  • IGA, Kmart,
  • Repco,
  • Tandy,
  • The Warehouse,
  • Woolworths
  • and selected independent retailers.



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