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Clipsal Fire Safety

Where there is smoke there’s fire and smoke alarms are the quickest way to alert you to the danger. Especially while you sleep, as you lose your sense of smell. In fact, when a fire is starting up, the fumes it gives off are often invisible. By the time you can see the smoke, it may already be too late.

Clipsal Fire Safety

Clipsal Fire Safety

Clipsal Fire Safety

In a life-threatening situation every second counts, so early detection is vital. That’s why every home needs a sufficient number of suitably placed, mains powered, interconnected smoke alarms.

You should have a smoke alarm outside every sleeping area and inside any bedroom where a smoker sleeps. A long hallway needs a smoke alarm at both ends. Any room with electrical appliances like heaters should also be protected with a smoke alarm.

When you’re talking about the safety of your family, you have to choose the best. Clipsal – a name you know and trust - has developed a new range of top quality smoke alarms known as Clipsal Firetek.

Clipsal Firetek alarms offer your family home or workplace exceptional protection. They’re all great but there are differences which may make one particular Clipsal Firetek Smoke Alarm better for your particular situation.

Clipsal Firetek Photoelectric Smoke Alarms offer the best level of protection and are suitable to be placed in most areas of the home including bedrooms and living areas. While Ionisation alarms are also available to compliment your protection photoelectric alarms will give you the earliest warning in most instances.

The Clipsal Firetek alarms are slimmer and smaller than traditional designs and yet are just as effective in detecting smoke in the event of a fire. Don’t be fooled by cheap, battery powered smoke alarms. If you forget to change the battery, they’re useless. Whereas the Clipsal Firetek range is hard wired into the mains and has a back up battery. So even if there’s a blackout, you can enjoy peace of mind because the Clipsal Firetek Smoke Alarms will still sound.

Clipsal Firetek products include a 5-year warranty.



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