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The Stihl Yard Boss
The Stihl Yard Boss

The Stihl Yard Boss

The Stihl Yard Boss

The Stihl Yard Boss

Whether you’re a keen gardener, keen to maintain your turf or grass or keen to keep the yard clean by sweeping and scrubbing – you’ll be really keen on the Stihl Yard Boss.

The powerful Stihl Yard Boss is lightweight – less than 10 kilos - and easy to use because it’s so well balanced.

 The ergonomic, low stress, handle design features a fingertip throttle and built-in start, run and stop controls.
 The Stihl 2 stroke engine is dependable and proven.
 There’s a built in hanging bracket for simple storage.
 And the Yard Boss folds in half to fit easily in a car boot.

The Stihl Yard Boss comes with Pick Tines as the standard attachment for tilling and preparing new garden beds.
Dig easily into raw, hard earth; revitalise existing garden beds and cut golf bunker style edges.

The Stihl Yard Boss lets you clean out the spongy overgrowth in your lawn quickly and efficiently and you can aerate the turf making it easier to apply water, fertiliser and other nutrients

 The Bolo Tines give you a gentler, soil turning action.
 The Edger gives you perfect neat separation.
 The Aerator cuts a series of slits in the soil to help air, water and nutrients get right in.
 The De-thatcher reinvigorates the lawn by removing dead grass and leaves.
 Use the Bristle Brush to clean paths, cobblestones, paving and the tennis court.
 The Power Sweep will remove loose pebbles, gravel, sand or snow.

The Wheel Kit worth $44 is FREE when you purchase your Stihl Yard Boss and it gives you more control and makes it even easier to move around.




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