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3M Scotchbrite Sponges
3M Scotchbrite Sponges

3M Scotchbrite Sponges

3M Scotchbrite Sponges

3M Scotchbrite Sponges not only do a fantastic job, theyíre specially treated with an antibacterial agent to keep them fresher, longer. Itís the bacteria that causes the smell and every time you clean up mess, youíre giving the bacteria a better place to breed.

As soon as you take one out of itís packet you can feel itís a little damp, thatís the antibacterial agent, impregnated in the sponge and ready to kill nasty bacteria.

In fact, itís the same antibacterial treatment that 3M uses for their commercial kitchen sponges Ė so you know it meets the strictest hygienic standards.

3M Scotchbrite come in bright colours to cheer up your cleaning chores. Itís a good idea to assign a different colour to different areas around your home Ė kitchen, bathroom, laundry - itís more hygienic that way.

For instance, if you choose pink for the bathroom, youíll never use this sponge in the kitchen where foodís prepared.

The extra thick Ė chunky - Scotchbrite Sponges are extra thirsty. Theyíre great for really wet places like the shower.

The large Scotchbrite Sponges are extra wide, so itís less work on a large area and the thin Scotchbrite Sponges are great for the kitchen. They soak up heaps but are flexible enough to fit into corners and tight places.

Make your cleaning easier and your home a safer place with 3Mís antibacterial Scotchbrite Sponges.

Youíll see their bright colours in supermarkets everywhere.



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