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Optus Broadband
Optus Broadband

Optus Broadband

Optus Broadband

Optus Broadband

Right now for a limited time, when you connect to a new OptusNet Broadband plan from $39.95 a month and combine it with your home phone or a selected mobile plan with Optus for 24 months, you’ll get incredible value!

 8 months free Broadband
 zero dollar connection
 A FREE pre-paid NOKIA mobile pack worth up to $319

That’s a savings of up to $1117!

OptusNet Broadband is fast – Up to 15 times faster than a dial-up connection, so doing things such as downloading your favourite music or video is now a breeze. Plus thanks to OptusNet Broadband’s fixed monthly rate plans, you can stay online as long as you like, as often as you like without needing to worry about excess download fees.

If you exceed you’re plans monthly download limit, Optus simply slows your speed, so you’ll never need to worry about nasty surprises on your bill! You also get up to 5 email addresses, plus a free Spam filter and there’s always help at hand with technical support available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Combine all this with the added benefits of not paying for a phone call each time you connect plus staying online and on the phone at the same time, you’ll experience the internet the way it should be.

One of the best things to do with Optus Broadband is send photos to friends and family on the net and you can get started with your free Nokia6610i with its inbuilt camera. It’s a stylish phone with all the most up to date features – including the ability to transfer your photos directly from your phone to your PC.

So, if you’re thinking about Broadband, now is the time…Sign up to OptusNet Broadband today, combine it with your home phone or selected mobile plan from Optus and get....

 8 months free Broadband…
 $0 connection
 a free Nokia mobile phone with up to $120 dollars worth of prepaid call credits.

This amazing deal is just one of the ways Optus makes great value simple.



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