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Rabbit Photo
Rabbit Photo

Rabbit Photo

Rabbit Photo

Looking through family photos is a real pleasure – a pleasure you can share. With Rabbit Photo you enjoy the ease and convenience of a digital camera and the joy of holding the prints in your hand.

At your local Rabbit Photo – as well as Eastmon Digital stores – you’re able to quickly print out your own digital photos, better and cheaper than doing them at home.

It’s quick because every store has 8 kiosks and it’s self-serve – but if you need a hand, there’s always a friendly expert, ready to help.

All you need is the memory card from your digital camera, then you select the photos you want to print – you don’t get stuck with the duds. If you want you can improve photos by cutting them to size, zooming in on what’s important and getting rid of devilish red-eye.

Because you only print the ones you want, you’re saving money and Rabbit Photo can save you even more money when you become a Gold Member!

For only $10 yearly membership you save over 20% on your prints and even more on enlargements, CD’s as well of lots of other benefits. There’s Gold Membership for film photographers too – such as free film for a year.

This month when you become a Gold Member you receive a special passbook with more than a $100 in further savings.

Rabbit Photo can even print photos from your camera phone. Come in and see how easy it is. You’ll be amazed at just how good they are.

Digital Printing just couldn’t be easier!



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