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Intel & Acer Digital Lifestyle

Intel & Acer Digital Lifestyle

Intel & Acer Digital Lifestyle

Intel & Acer Digital Lifestyle

Intel & Acer Digital Lifestyle

Intel & Acer Digital Lifestyle

Mobile phones, email, laptop’s, digital cameras, wireless networks, digital TV….The Digital Lifestyle is here and it’s here to stay, but because it’s happened so quickly a lot of us don’t know where to start or what to start with.

Luckily there’s the people at Intel and ACER with the right technology to guide us along the way.

Over the coming months we at Bright Ideas in conjunction with INTEL and ACER will educate you on this digital lifestyle movement and prepare you for tomorrow. We’ll show you the best products to use and the right way to use them.

You’ll see how viewing and saving photos from a digital camera or camcorder is even easier with the next generation of INTEL Pentium processors together with a new operating system from Microsoft called Windows Media Centre Edition and brilliant hardware from ACER.

We’ll show you how the same system gives gamers multiplayer options over a wireless network so you can not only play an opponent over the net but an enemy right behind you.

We’ll explore how the entertainment PC not only plays DVD’s, but also tunes into and records television. You’ll learn how digital media adaptors can connect your stereo system to your entertainment PC freeing up space in your home.

So what is a “digital lifestyle?”

It’s a simple but revolutionary way of creating and accessing your information, photos and entertainment on any device, anywhere at any time.

Over the coming weeks we’ll show you how to make this technology suit you.

This stuff’s designed to enrich your life.

It’s accessible, convenient, easy to use and affordable.



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