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Hunter Fountains
Hunter Fountains

Hunter Fountains

Hunter Fountains

Hunter Fountains

The father and son team of John and James Hunter created their first home comfort product in 1886. Today, as the world leader, Hunter offers a complete line of products which are known for both their technological innovations and their extraordinary high quality.

Hunter water features are of Hunters nearly 120 years of crafting home comfort products. Simply put, they are the worlds leading consumer water features, made by the world’s leading supplier in its category.

Hunter water features are custom designed to provide years of satisfaction. Experienced designers and technicians create functional works of art that exceed appearance and performance expectations.

Made from natural slate, the Hunter water features provide a fantastic look and finish, ensuring life long enjoyment. A one year warranty exists for all Hunter pumps and transformers.

Simply plug in and turn on. Hunter water features do not require permanent plumbing or pipes installed. You simply fill the water tank to the correct water level, plug it in and it’s ready to go.

If until now, they only time the outdoors was brought inside were as mud on someone’s dirty shoes, then a Hunter Fountain is ideal for you and your home.

So renovate your home today and make it a more relaxing place to live with a Hunter Water feature.

You’ll find the terrific Hunter Range at your nearest Bunning Store.



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