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Samsung Digimax i50
Samsung Digimax i50

Samsung Digimax i50

Samsung Digimax i50

Samsung Digimax i50

Samsung Digimax i50

The Samsung Digimax i50 is not just a digital camera. Itís a video and MP3 Player as well. Not much bigger than a credit card but itís packed with stunning features. The camera itself is super stylish and tough; the body is made of lustrous aluminum, steel so itís scratch and impact resistant yet elegant.

The Digimax i50 is a 5 mega pixel camera. That means your images will be ultra sharp with vivid natural colors. You can see how good your shots are with the large 2.5 inch LCD screen.

With MP4 video, a high compression, high quality, movie clip format, so you get 3 or 4 times more video time than congenital digital cameras. The movie Stabilizer function helps keep your movie steady whatever the angle. And you can edit your video right on the Digimax i50 with convient and exciting options like successive movie recording and image capturing.

The zoom lens doesnít extend from the body. It gives you a 15 x zoom by moving the inner zoom lens system. And you can get in close, down to 1xm.

No camera shake and faster shutter speeds in low light mean high quality images. The safety Flash function protects the image from blurring. You can use programmed modes or take charge and choose the exposure and other settings yourself.

You can find the Samsung Digimax i50 where all good digital cameras are sold.



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