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Samsung Digimax L55W
Samsung Digimax L55W

Samsung Digimax L55W

Samsung Digimax L55W

Samsung Digimax L55W

There are so many digital cameras available to consumers Ė and so many functions, specifications and accessories can become so confusing!

Not with the Samsung Digimax L55W Ė it really is the easy-to-use alternative to big, complicated cameras.

Itís stylish and compact, but with a 2.8 inch wide LCD screen Ė thatís 7 centimetres, so you get a clear view of what youíre taking a picture of. It has an impressive 5-megapixel capacity, so your shots will look fantastic, even when printed at poster size. And, you donít need to use your computer to print your photos Ė just use the included cable to connect to a printer via a USB port, and youíre done!

The Digimax L55W also takes camcorder-like movies. It has Hand Shake Prevention technology, which detects and corrects lateral and vertical camera movements. Itís capable of taking twice as much footage as other cameras - it compresses videos using MPEG-4, a high compression, high quality movie format.

You can also choose between 16x9 (widescreen) or 4x3 aspect ratios. Itís 4.8 optical zoom gets you very close to the action, and because of the Automatic Macro, you can get physically close to what you want to shoot Ė up to 2 centimetres.

To top it off, you can edit and highlight your photos right on your camera, and choose between 11 different scene modes.

There is a range of accessories available for the Digimax L55W Ė the Inca AT 330 A tripod boasts a 3-way tilt-pan head, offering heights from 500-1335 millimetres. And the Delsey Gopix camera bag fits easily on your belt, with double zipper closure.



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