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Samsung Pro 815
Samsung Pro 815

Samsung Pro 815

Samsung Pro 815

Samsung Pro 815

Samsung Pro 815

With old 35mm SLR film cameras you needed a selection of expensive lenses to achieve what the Digimax Pro815 can do with just one. At its widest the Pro815 gives you a 28mm focal length great for landscapes through to a whopping 420mm at the telephoto end. And its made by the world-renowned professional lens manufacturer Schneider-Kreuznach. Coupled with the Pro815s 8 mega-pixel CCD image sensor, you have a photographic partnership guaranteed to give the best results.

And when you select High Speed mode, a faster shutter speed enables sharp shooting of moving targets without blurring.

And with high-speed continuous shooting selected you can take 2 frames a second perfect for action shots.

A major frustration with other digital cameras is the size of the LCD screen. Usually theyre so small you cant see the detail.

Not with the Pro815 it has the worlds largest digital camera screen 3 inches!

But if youre getting arty with complicated angles, the Pro815 has a second mini colour TFT LCD screen on top of the camera and an electronic viewfinder as well.

How many times have you missed a great shot because the batteries in your camera died?

Well the Digimax Pro815 has yet another world first the largest capacity rechargeable battery available.

When fully charged you can shoot 500 pictures at full resolution You can also select manual override of the Pro815s automatic features including exposure, shutter speed and focus.

If you want to take your photography up to the next level you should also invest in a decent tripod and the Manfrotto is in a class of its own.
Lightweight and compact its a four section tripod, so you can get as high or as low as you need.

And the integrated 3-way head also features a quick release plate. Its just perfect for stills and video shooting. If youre going to invest in a top quality digital camera like the Pro815, you should invest in a Hoya UV filter. It absorbs UVB and UVC rays so you reduce the haze and get clearer, sharper shots.

The Samsung Pro 815 is available from leading Digital Camera retailers.



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