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Inca Power / Camera Cases

Inca Power / Camera Cases

Inca Power / Camera Cases

Inca Power / Camera Cases

Inca Power / Camera Cases

Digital photography has really taken off, and more people are taking more snaps, even with their mobile phones! But if you want to do it properly and if you care about photography as your hobby or as art, then you need the right equipment. And the right equipment comes from Adeal, like great tripods, Fast Chargers, Reader/Writer and Lens Cleaner from Inca; and stylish Gopix camera bags from Delsey.

The Inca AT 360 is a lightweight, easy to carry tripod thatíll keep your camera steady whether youíre shooting video or stills.

With a maximum operational height of 1630 millimetres and a minimum of only 650 millimetres, the Inca AT 360 gives stability in every situation.

It features a 3-way tilt-pan head with quick release and a spirit level to keep everything even.

Thereís even a hook on the base to stop your carry bag blowing away.

The AT 330 A, boasts the same features, a 3- way tilt-pan head, quick release and spirit level, but in a small package. It goes from 500 to 1335 millimetres by winding the friction control and locking knob.

Once youíve taken your photographs, you need to store them quickly and safely, and Adeal have you covered for all your digital storage needs. The MultiSlot Card Reader Writer is pocket sized but powerful. Itís a 12 in 1 reader/writer for most types of memory cards with a standard USB. You can exchange data through up to 4 slots at once and it also features hot swap plug n play.

But thatís not all, with the Inca Deluxe Camera and Lens Cleaning Kit, you can keep your camera looking great and working perfectly, with no annoying marks on your precious photographs.

Last but not least, your going to need somewhere to store your pride and joy and Adeal donít leave you hanging!

If you have a more compact digital camera try the Delsey Gopix 5 Bag. Itíll fit easily on your belt, has double zipper closure and features rust free black laminated metal snap hooks and D-rings.

And if your camera is a larger model, then the Delsey Gopix 75 is for you. Itís fashionable and functional with covered zipper closure and plenty of room for extra lenses.



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