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Solar Shower
Solar Shower

Solar Shower

Solar Shower

Solar Shower

Solar Shower

Solar Showers became popular at exclusive Riviera resorts and now f2x Distribution has brought the Solar Shower here to Australia, bringing us the convenience of a relaxing hot shower, poolside and absolutely free!

Itís solar powered and heating the water costs you nothing, so the Solar Shower is friendly to the environment and to your wallet.

And the Solar Shower is easy to install with basic hand tools, the average D-I-Yer can install the Solar Shower in about an hour.

The connection to the water supply can be via permanent pipes or as simple as plugging in a hose.

And itís just as simple to take down and put in storage for winter Ė just undo four bolts and unplug the hose.

The Solar Shower is built to survive Australian summer weather and comes in a standard cream finish or an optional stainless steel frame.

You could also go for this attractive curved teak model.

Whether you choose the straight or angled models, the sleek, contemporary design will perfectly complement your pool area.

Both the swivel showerhead and the handles to mix the hot and cold water are chrome plated and easy to use.

The Solar Shower is tough Ė it comes with a 3 Year Factory Guarantee. The anodised aluminium zinc alloy frame is covered in a heavy vinyl coating, so itís extremely long-lasting.

Even if you live by the sea, the Solar Shower resists oxidisation.

And the Solar Shower is very efficient.

There are 25 litres in the storage unit Ė constantly renewed throughout the day - and that water can reach temperatures of 54 degrees. Steaming hot water that doesnít cost you a cent!

Australiaís hot summer sun does the work for you. The Solar Shower takes the heat and stores it in the water, ready for you to enjoy a relaxing shower whenever you like.

Even on cloudy days, the Solar Shower will absorb the heat from the air Ė it doesnít need a blazing sun to do its job.

Of course, the Solar Shower isnít just for after youíve been swimming.

It feels great after gardening or other outdoor activities.

And itís ideal for your guests to rinse off before getting into your pool, to help keep the pool water clean.



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